A useful comparison?

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One of the most fundamental questions in the data governance and the digital economy is the question of the value of data. As an economist, I could mock up some sort of value function to describe this. For instance, the value of data comes from predictive insights, and is thus…

How capitalism is selling us a future we can’t have, and denying us the possibility of others

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The Problem

You can now . What’s more, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently stated that the company would not be back into fiat money — e.g. dollars, euros — which will leave cryptocurrency enthusiasts quite pleased. After all, no currency is actually a viable currency…

Without a theory of change, the green transition will come too late.

“Only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces real change.”

This is perhaps Milton Friedman’s foremost insight, and one which has shaped the world over the past five decades.

Friedman — the Nobel Prize winning economist whose free market ideology shaped the Reagan and Thatcher administrations as well as…

Amazon’s use of behavioural nudges has changed in recent weeks — and Coronavirus explains why.

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In a time of global pandemic, when many of us are stuck at home, Amazon is likely feeling a bit of a strain. In recent years, especially following the launch of their Prime service, the online retailer has done almost everything to make buying stuff faster and more convenient for…

(…and Chapo Trap House)

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Some people don’t get Chapo Trap House. Some people don’t quite understand how people can, ‘meet on Twitter’ as the presenters of the podcast did, or how a left-wing show could spend more time mocking the Democratic party than crusading against the far-right. Most of all, some people don’t understand…

From Capitalist Realism to Acid Communism, we shouldn’t overlook Fisher’s impact on political economy


I believe, in time, the vastness and significance of Mark Fisher’s contribution will permeate throughout the social sciences — and economics in particular — with the ferocity of a meteor impacting the Earth. Fisher is, in my opinion, a man whose work has done much for the study of political…

Stuart Mills

Behavioural Science Fellow at the LSE. Personal Blog.

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