How capitalism is selling us a future we can’t have, and denying us the possibility of others

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The Problem

What I read this year

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An alternative perspective on surveillance capitalism

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Without a theory of change, the green transition will come too late.

Amazon’s use of behavioural nudges has changed in recent weeks — and Coronavirus explains why.

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(…and Chapo Trap House)

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From Capitalist Realism to Acid Communism, we shouldn’t overlook Fisher’s impact on political economy

Source: We Are Plan C

Online political campaigns emphasise our differences, and offer few solutions — but what is the alternative?

The Cutting of the Gordian Knot
  1. Person A voted for the UK to leave the European Union because they feel the UK can benefit from the expanded trade opportunities. They run an agriculture…

You shouldn’t have to be a programmer to interrogate technology.

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Stuart Mills

Behavioural Science Fellow at the LSE. Personal Blog.

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