My 2020 reading list

Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash

Future Histories — Lizzie O’Shea

The Morals of the Market — Jessica Whyte

The Happiness Industry — William Davies

The Limits to Capital — David Harvey

The BBC: Myth of Public Service — Tom Mills

The Long Twentieth Century — Giovanni Arrighi

The Uninhabitable Earth — David Wallace-Wells

Manufacturing Consent — Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky

Abolish Silicon Valley — Wendy Liu

Climate Leviathan — Joel Wainwright and Geoff Mann

A Hacker Manifesto — McKenzie Wark

Stolen — Grace Blakeley

The Smarter Screen — Shlomo Benartzi

Happy Ever After — Paul Dolan

The Shock Doctrine — Naomi Klein

New Model Island — Alex Niven

Thinking, Fast and Slow — Daniel Kahneman

Cryptocommunism — Mark Alizart

Filling the Void — Marcus Gilroy-Ware

The Four-Dimensional Human — Laurence Scott

Bland Fanatics — Pankaj Mishra

Life 3.0 — Max Tegmark

Debt — David Graeber

Keynes: Hopes Betrayed — Robert Skidelsky

Escaping Paternalism — Mario Rizzo and Glen Whitman

Socialism — John Stuart Mill

Governing the Commons — Elinor Ostrom

Behavioural Science Fellow at the LSE. Personal Blog.

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